"Divine Evolution"

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When you enter the magical world of 'Divine Evolution' you open the door to realms beyond the physical.  Andrea's passion is to raise collective awareness and bring illumination to thought-provoking topics including ufo's, crop circles, sound healing, astrology, spirituality, ascension, numerology, animal medicine and living as an intuitive.  She embodies her own unique vibrational signature and is passionate about activating yours. 

Bethel's Magic Mix


Hi Everybody Bethel here.

Im in the seat from 6pm until 8pm keeping you company each Thursday evening. I am originally from Alabama a southeastern U.S. state situated between Mississippi and Georgia. I grew up there and had no intention of leaving the States, but fate had a different idea when I met my wife on the Internet. My wife who was originally from Manchester England had settled in Albany Western Australia, so I Packed my bags  and moved to Albany in 2003.

Music has always been a part of my life so in 2005 I became involved in Albany Community Radio. I have never missed a beat, so am now having my 10th anniversary at the station. I still love what I’m doing and hope to be doing it for many years to come. Of course I do have favourite bands and singers which include The Band, The Counting Crows and of course Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. having said that I like most all music from the 1970’s when I was a teenager growing up.

Mystery Mix with Hutch

 Photo - 14 Jan 2016

Tune in for a great mix of music from 1960's to the present day at 5-7pm each Wednesday. 

Sometimes it's a mystery for me as to which song I play next.

Legally Speaking


Hello everybody I am Adam Hornsey a barrister and solicitor practicing here in Albany. Schooled in the Great Southern, and at the Australian National University in Canberra. And with many years experience at the Australian Taxation Office, in the tertiary education sector, and a sole practitioner, I endeavour to answer any legal queries you may have on my program 'Legally Speaking', broadcast fortnightly on Mondays at midday.

 In addition to discussing the law, Legally Speaking touches on greater issues of justice in the community, and from a practical point of view, with interviews with a range of guests including local police, those who run drug and alcohol rehabilitation, those who offer legal services free or at low cost to the community, to professionals who are involved in transfer of property, to individuals involved in public education campaigns.

 Listeners are welcome to call to ask a legal question of me or guests during the program, or by email using the contact form on the menu bar or phone between broadcasts.

You can Listen to the podcasts from the show at. http://www.springdalelegal.com.au/

Monday 4 April 2016   http://www.springdalelegal.com.au/040416%20Mon.mp3

Monday 7 March 2016    http://www.springdalelegal.com.au/070316%20Mon.mp3

Monday 8 February 2016   http://www.springdalelegal.com.au/080216%20Mon.mp3


Pete's Morning Mix

Pete's Morning Mix

I was born and raised in the big smoke, that is Perth.  I was an only child in a loving household with a home filled with music.  The music I remember from my childhood was varied but I have fond memories of the Crooners.  People like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were never far from the turntable.  Hitting the teen years my music tastes started to change.  A defining moment was watching the Paul Hogan show when his musical guests Skyhooks appeared.  The outfits and the music struck a chord and I was hooked, forgive the pun.  Countdown on the ABC saw me at home every Sunday evening glued to the screen. Sadly my personal musical talent was restricted to a very bad triangle player.  Through my teen years my music collection grew and incorporated a wide variety of genres and eras.

Commencing on Community Radio on the 1st January 2014 has truly rekindled my love for music.  I like nothing better than finding some music that I have never heard before, be that from any era or genre, and being instantly smitten.  My music taste today is centred on, but not exclusively, for a song that tells a story.  A track that makes me think, maybe even challenges my thinking or makes me want to be a better person.  I like most genres of music with modern country my favourite through to folk, pop, vintage cafe, soft rock, and with classical being my least favourite.

I like to present a show based around a theme, as that suits my unique personality as well as presenting me a challenge to fill three hours with music, quotes, facts and jokes based around that theme.  

If you have a great idea for a theme I am very open to your suggestions.  Please email me below with your ideas and I will be sure to give it serious consideration.  I welcome all calls be they encouraging or constructive criticism.

I look forward to the future, developing my on air skills, finding new music, keeping you informed of Community activities and hopefully putting a smile on your face. 

Cheers Pete

GrassRoots Radio


Welcome to GrassRoots Radio, tune in and explore Bluegrass, Folk, Roots, Americana, Alt. Country and Ol' Timey music with me each week, I broadcast from the studios of 100.9fm Albany Community Radio, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

I hope to bring something new for everyone, along with touring news and dates, and not just locally, if the artists in our focus are touring anywhere, you'll hear about it here.

I'm not saying mind, that I'm an all knowing oracle, I'm just sharing my passion and my new discoveries with you all...

I'd also love to hear from you, either flick an email my way or check us out on Facebook.


 About me

My name is Samele and I've been listening to all sorts of music over the years, but nothing has grabbed me like ol' timey music, it ties with the music my mum played when I was a little 'un, artists like Bert Jansch, Donovon, Joan Baez and my dad's Bob Dylan collection.

My explorations of all things Bluegrass and Folk has led me to some very interesting bands and sounds, and I hate hogging it all to myself so I share it with you all on the radio.

You can listen to all my podcassts at GrassRoots Radio Official Website

A sample of my show recorded on 29/12/2015  http://www.grradio.net/podcasts/GRR73.mp3

Saturday Night Variety

Saturday Night Variety  with Doug and Iris


DSCF1947I was born in South Australia, moved to Western Australia with my parents when I was 11 or 12 years old. We lived in Denmark where Dad brought a dairy farm, when the bottom fell out of dairy farming, Dad started work for the Main Roads in Albany. I worked the farms until they were sold, then we moved to Albany.

I was about 16 years old when I myself started with the Main Roads, doing jobs from labouring to cooking; I eventually finished up as a machine operator driving all machines for 15 years. (I am trying to keep it short!!).

I have always loved music, and I started collecting records when I was about 8 or 9. When we moved to Denmark I had four tea chest boxes full of music (mainly in those days, 78 records). By the time we got to Denmark, I had one box of records left, the rest just vanished!! I started collecting again about 25 years ago, all kinds of music, Country mainly, Rockabilly Rock n’ Roll…. I like most kinds of music.

I started with Radio Heartbeat (Hospital Radio) in the old Albany Hospital some 13 years ago, and now I am continuing with Radio Heartbeat in the new building.

My association with Albany Community Radio 100.9fm began two years ago, or thereabouts…. Saturday Night Variety from 5pm to 9pm is a show I host with Iris…. And we both fill in other time slots when people are away.

Since Albany Community Radio started streaming (albanycommunityradio.com.au) I receive requests from around Oz, and the USA, UK and around the Globe.

I have recorded 46 shows of Country music for TwangTown U.S.A.com from my home in my studio and then sent a c.d. to the Web page… this finished about 18 months ago.

The Outback Gypsies

Outback Gypsies



The Outback Gypsies are inspirational performers and individuals who encourage others (through their lead) to step out of the box and follow their dreams.  They have now become international performers, having completed their first tour of the US West Coast in July/August 2013.  The tour also coincided with the release of their second album ‘Beautiful Soul’ which sold triple figures in its’ first week!



Filmed August 2013 during an International Tour of the US West Coast

at a private location in Washington State.

Clipper Round The World

Donna Getting organised to Interview the founder of the Clipper Round the World Yatch Race  Sir Robert Knox-Johnston and the Skipper of the Clipper Henri Lloyd Eric Holden. On the leg between Cape Town and Albany Eric said it’s been a very challenging but rewarding race. Everyone feels like they have achieved a real accomplishment. It was a close battle with GREAT Britain over the last 48 hours, and when a squall hit and they gybed away, our kite got doused which slowed us down and they got away and we couldn’t catch them. To win, you risk equipment damage and we have none so are really happy.We came in second, but we still have more points than anyone. Everyone put in a  massive effort and all the hard work has paid off.




June's Lifestyle

June presents a three hour program each Thursday morning between 9am and 12 noon reflecting the happenings in and around the Albany District.Interviewing-June Humphries interviewing The Relay for life Team from Albany Senior High School. Left to right Courney Taylor, Leah Dunwoodie, Leah Nairn, Katie Murphey and Christine Gilbert

The Services Hour

The Services Hour is a one-hour program produced in the studios at Albany Community Radio.

It is a collaboration between the RSL Albany Sub Branch, Peter Aspinall and Dawson Moore of Albany Community Radio. The program goes to air on the first Sunday of each month at 10am.


Coming Soon to 4ufm: Sophia Sharp presents "Fusion"300x300

Very lucky to have had these talented "Musos" vist our lovely City of Albany in October 2013.

Keep on spreading the love...

"Joni Mitchell meets James Brown in Bob Marley's pumpkin patch via The Muppets!". All are playing Gourd instruments luthiered by Penelope Swales - Legendary since young (Gourd Guitar, Gourdolin, Stomp, Aslatuas, Chinese Hulusi Gourd Flute), Mal Webb - from Lano & Woodley to Glastonbury Solo (Gourd Bass, Mbira, Gournet, Voice-box), Carl Pannuzzo - Smallest Stadium Band in the world to Woodford Fire Event Choir master (Gourd Djemba, Percussion, Guitar), Andrew Clermont - a nutso player from Dya Singh to Tom T Hall (Gourdiddle, Gourdolin, Guitar) and all with Gourdatious Vocals to produce a manic, organic musical experience, punning pathos, heartfelt hilarity & messages of love, fellowship and environmental sanity. www.totallygourdgeous.com


Saturday Morning With Barbara


Barbara Maher Is In The Hot Seat On Saturday Mornings From 9am Till Noon.

At 11am Barbara Has A One Hour Segment In Italian Which Is Very Popular Amongst The







Double "J"

Double "J"

Double"J" Thursday 8pm-10pm

Who Are We?

Well, we've been trying to figure that one out for decades. We all live and work in Albany and we have a passion for listening to, and appreciating, good music which covers a diverse range of genres and periods in time.

We started broadcasting The Sundown Show on 28 March 2009. Pictured above (L-R) is John Maddison, Jay Cook, David Sims and Kezi Sims (Dave's niece).

What Do We Play?

Pretty much everything. We take it in turns to choose a particular theme for the following program, and we then spend a week putting together 6 or 7 tracks each to make up a two-hour show. To find out which theme is coming up next weekend you can always check us out on the station's Program Guide.

Where Do We Hang Out?

There's one venue in Albany that we love to frequent and support ... The Lounge, run by our good friend Tony Norment. The Lounge caters for Over-25s and is a great place to go and listen to exceptionally good live music and to dance into the wee small hours.

Dutch Radio 4U

Dutch Radio 4U


Elke vrijdagavond gezellige Nederlandse muziek met Jan en Jacco van 19:00-21:00

En het laatste nieuws en voetbalnieuws uit Nederland.

Op 100.9fm Albany Community Radio.

Voor verzoeknummers bel ons even op:08 9842 3456

Jan geboren in Spijkenisse 14-4-1957 en sinds 1980 in Albany.

Doet als sinds 1995 het nederlandse programma in Albany.

Jacco geboren in Wormerveer 24-10-1975 en sinds 2012 in Albany.

En op de radio sinds September 2012.

The "G" Spot....Blues from it's Roots, with Gary Parker

Gary's Flavour of the Month

Blind Willie McTell

Willie Samuel McTell was one of the blues' greatest guitarists, and also one of the finest singers ever to work in blues. A major figure with a local following in Atlanta from the 1920s onward, he recorded dozens of sides throughout the '30s under a multitude of names -- all the better to juggle "exclusive" relationships with many different record labels at once -- including Blind Willie, Blind Sammie, Hot Shot Willie, and Georgia Bill, as a backup musician to Ruth Mary Willis. And those may not have been all of his pseudonyms -- we don't even know what he chose to call himself, although "Blind Willie" was his preferred choice among friends.

Country Noongar Program

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags
 The Country Noongar Program can be heard through Albany Western Australia on 100.9fm every second Tuesday afternoon from 5-6pm. You can also  listen live on the Internet at Albanycommunityradio.com.au

The program started on the Albany Community Radio in October 2010. Members of the Aboriginal Noongar community in Albany worked and trained together to set up the program and get it started.

The Country Noongar Program is about sharing, connecting and strengthening people through stories.

We promote local Aboriginal activities in the Great Southern, yarn to service providers, entertainers, community members, and whoever is interested in having a yarn with us!

We are not shy when it comes to talking with entertainers, actors, musicians and local community members; our program is a slice of heaven when we present to our listener what our audience needs. Our program highlights health and wellbeing and the most important of all just sit down and relax.

We enjoy having a laugh, a yarn and bringing people to the listener.

More than 100 people have shared time with us on our program.

We want you to tune in and listen to what we have to share.

 The Aboriginal flag is an official flag of Australia and was recognised under Federal legislation in July 1995.Designed by Aboriginal Elder Harold Thomas in 1971, this flag symbolises Aboriginal identity. Mr Thomas has been recognised as the desgner of the Aboriginal flag by the Federal Court and has been granted backdated copyright of the design to 1971. The top half of the flag is black to represent the Aboriginal people.The red in the lower half represents the red earth (the relationship to the land) and the red ochre used in Aboriginal ceremonies.The circle of yellow represents the sun(giver of life) and yellow ochre.

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