Country Noongar Program

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags
 The Country Noongar Program can be heard through Albany Western Australia on 100.9fm every second Tuesday afternoon from 5-6pm. You can also  listen live on the Internet at

The program started on the Albany Community Radio in October 2010. Members of the Aboriginal Noongar community in Albany worked and trained together to set up the program and get it started.

The Country Noongar Program is about sharing, connecting and strengthening people through stories.

We promote local Aboriginal activities in the Great Southern, yarn to service providers, entertainers, community members, and whoever is interested in having a yarn with us!

We are not shy when it comes to talking with entertainers, actors, musicians and local community members; our program is a slice of heaven when we present to our listener what our audience needs. Our program highlights health and wellbeing and the most important of all just sit down and relax.

We enjoy having a laugh, a yarn and bringing people to the listener.

More than 100 people have shared time with us on our program.

We want you to tune in and listen to what we have to share.

 The Aboriginal flag is an official flag of Australia and was recognised under Federal legislation in July 1995.Designed by Aboriginal Elder Harold Thomas in 1971, this flag symbolises Aboriginal identity. Mr Thomas has been recognised as the desgner of the Aboriginal flag by the Federal Court and has been granted backdated copyright of the design to 1971. The top half of the flag is black to represent the Aboriginal people.The red in the lower half represents the red earth (the relationship to the land) and the red ochre used in Aboriginal ceremonies.The circle of yellow represents the sun(giver of life) and yellow ochre.

The Torres Strait Islander flag is an official flag of Australia and was recognised under Federal legislation in July 1995. The flag designed by Torres Strait Islander Mr BernardNamok, is emblazoned with a white Dhari (headdress) which is a prominent symbol of Torres Strait Islander peoples. The white five pointed star beneath it symbolises peace, the five major island groups and the navigational importance of stars to the seafaring people of the Torres Strait. The five island groups include: Northern Division (Boigu, Dauan, Saibai) Eastern Islander (Darnley, Murray, Stephen) Western Division (St. Pauls, Kubin, Badu, Mabuiag) Central Division (Yorke, Coconut, Warraber, Yam) Southern Division (Thursday Island and Inner Islander, NPA and Mainland Australia) The green stripes represent the land, the black stripes represent the people, and the blue represents the sea
Yabu Band
The Yabu Band Biography: Since beginning at the age of five, multi-talented brothers, Delson and Boyd Stokes, known today as 'The Yabu Band', have created a powerful, unique sound aptly described as Desert Rock/Reggae. The brothers are originally from Kalgoorlie, the Goldfields town bordered by the Western Desert from where they draw their heritage, culture and inspiration, and the name "Yabu" means "Rock/Gold" in their language, Wongatha.

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